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William Davis**

William Davis 
Born:  1750 in North Carolina
Died:  1815 in Willimgton, North Carolina

Married to:  (unknown)

Anney  1780-

Miles 1780-1840

Meredith Buck 1783

Four Daughters under age 10

Served in Washington's 1st North Carolina Regiment

I'm not sure this is part of our family but for what it's worth, the following was found on

Early History of the Davis family and related Families in Davis, NC
The following comes from a web site about Davis Island, North Carolina:
"Some years ago, Mr. F. C. Salisbury published in the Carteret County newspaper an account of a boat trip that he took down east with Mr. Ira Willis, of Morehead City, NC. A part of it follows:
Heading out from Smyrna, we cut across the waters of Jarretts Bay, rounding the southern point of Davis Island into Core Sound. From a Marine chart, we note that the township of Davis covers one of the largest land areas in the eastern part of the county. Its eastern boundary extends for five miles along the ocean front of Core Banks. From Davis Island to Point of Marsh, where the Neuse River joins the waters of Pamlico Sound is some twenty five miles. Its width is not over four miles at the widest section. With the exception of a few hundred acres that include the village, and a few acres known as the Ridge, separated from the mainland by marshland, the balance of the area runs through the unproductive Open Grounds and tidal marsh.”
Richard Wicker, will 1699, came to Virginia in the mid-sixteen hundreds, and settled in Princess Ann County. Among his children was a son Joseph, who married Ruth Musson, and lived for a while in Currituck County, where he was active in the political life of the county. In 1723, Joseph came to Carteret county and bought an Island from Levi Cressy, which Island was later to become known as Davis Island. Joseph Wicker and his wife Ruth, and their two daughters, Mary Wicker and Keziah Wicker made their home on the Island, and upon his death, he left the Island to his daughter, Mary Wicker. He left other property to his daughter Keziah, who married James Shackleford. Mary Wicker married William Davis, of Welsh descent, whose grandfather, William Davis came to Virginia in 1622 in the “Margaret and John.” On the same ship with him were Joseph Moore, Henry West, and Peter Ashley. The first William Davis was paid eight pounds per year by the Crown to preach the Gospel to natives.
William and Mary Wicker Davis spent their married life on Davis Island raising eight sons and one daughter. William’s will was offered for probate in 1756. By the end of the Revolutionary War, two sons had died, two others had left the county, and another son named Solomon White Davis had moved to Cedar Point at the western end of the county.
Of the three who remained at Davis, Joseph inherited the Island, Nathan lived at the Ridge, and Benjamin, the youngest son, built a home at Davis Shore. Deeds and other court records show that Davis shore was first settled by four families: George Styron and his wife Frances (Fan) Davis, a cousin of Benjamin; Seth Willis and his wife Anne Howland Willis; William Davis and his wife; and Benjamin Davis and his wife Sabra Williston, daughter of John Williston."

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