Monday, June 20, 2011

Johnson Drake **

Johnson Drake
Born:  Sept. 26. 1828 in Virginia
Died:  April 9, 1898 in Indiana

Married to:  Susan A. Osbourn  1833-
Nancy E.  1851-
Pleasant M.  1854-
William L.  1857
Francis  1862
Millie Catherine  1868-1932

Married to:  Rebecca Greer

Married to:  Rebecca Mullinnix

Married to:  Martha Jane Barger   1851-1935
Mae R.  1874-1904
Mary  1877
Charles  1879
Maude  1884
Marquis Y.  1887

As told by Aunt Mandy and Aunt Marge (grandaughters of Johnson and Martha Jane)

Johnson Drake was from the Carolina's.  His father was a slave owner.  Not long before the Civil War he bought about 500 new slaves.  When the war came, the family was divided with Johnson and some of his sons fighting for the South and the others fighting for the North.  This caused much bitterness in the family.  Once an uncle came to visit.  Something was said about the war and Johnson told him if he was going to talk about the war, he could end his visit then and there because the South had let one of his brothers die in Andersonville Prison. 
Johnson was a decendent of Sir Francis Drake; one of the Queen of England's famous sea Admirals and Buccaneers.  Many years ago the Drake family had a big lawsuit with England, trying to get their rightful share of the English Drake estate.  England said if the American Drakes came to live in England, they would inherit.

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