Monday, June 20, 2011

Abram Abraham Drake**

Abram Abraham Drake
Born: Dec. 1, 1799 in Kentucky
Died: in Perry, Indiana

Married to: Nancy Flowers (1802-1845)
Abraham Stout  1823-1888
 Susan   1828-1895
Amelia   1831
Pleasant R.  1832
Mahala   1835-1913
Samuel D.    1840
George Washington  1842

 As told by Mandy, Abram's great-granddaughter

Abram Drake was a slave owner.  Not too long before the Civil War he bought 500 new slaves.  When the war broke out the family was divided.  Abram and some of his sons fought for the South and the others fought for the North.  This caused much bitterness within the family. 

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