Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ball Family Line

 son of William
Son of Colonel WILLIAM Atherold
Son of Richard
Son of John
Son of George
Daughter of John
Son of Kezziah
Son of John
Son of Albert Commodore
Daughter of Roy
Daughter of Fern Lorene

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  1. Hello I am of Ball Descent of John I have no t my papers right now they are in my suit case in my car... I had to move and have found nothing as of yet ..... I have always known that I was relations to George Washington bu t ha d not the lineage but you have helped this fact out .. Thank to you ... Oh Lord how great are thou to bless me with such a rich family lineage.... on both side we have such lovely home for no t only am I a Ball by birth but as well my fathers other set of grand parents are Stuarts and my mother is of the Bigelow family whom were Baguliey lines in England.... a blessing of Heritage for sure..... again Thank You!