Monday, June 20, 2011

John Drake**

John Drake
Born: 1350 in Dorset, England
Died: 1388 in Devon, England

Married to: Christian Billett  (1354-1388)
John Antage  1370-1417
Christopher Francheyney  1390
Roger  1400-

John Drake,*Esq.., of Mount Drake and Exmouth, in the county of Devon, "a man of great estate, and a name of no less antiquity," says Prince in his "Worthies of Devon," married in the time of Henry V. (1413-22 A.D.), Christiana, daughter and heiress of John Billett of Ashe. By this alliance the estate of Ashe, in the parish of Musbury, came to the Drake family, and was handed down in the name from father to son for fully four hundred years, although the most usual residence was Mount Drake, a mansion previously built by them in the same parish, and undoubtedly the original home of the Drakes, they having occupied it before the coming of William the Conqueror. This John Drake, or possibly his father, was reported in Exmouth in 1360.
At the death of John, his widow married second, Richard Frankcheney, thus unlawfully excluding from the estate of Ashe her son John Drake.2 She had Christopher Frankcheney, who had Richard, who was the father of Simeon, from whom John Drake,5 by a suit at law, recovered Ashe, which had been so long and unjustly withheld from his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

* "Visitations of Devon in 1620," Harl. MS. (British Museum), 1163, folio 220, and "Visitations of the County of Devon," by Lieut.-Colonel J. L. Vivian.

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