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Lord Robert William Ball**

Lord Robert William Ball
Born:  1475 in Berkshire, England
Died:  May 30, 1546 at Barkham Manor, Berkshire, England

Married to: Lady Margaret Bye  (1480-1542)
Edward  1490
Richard Hathoway  1503-1529
Edward  1507-1508
John  1508-1599 
Lawrence  1512 
Barkham Manor

The name Barkham means "Birch Home" referring to a settlement near the birch trees on the edge of Windsr Forest. In King Edward III's reign, the income from Barkham Manor helped pay for the rebuilding of Windsor Castle and, not long afterwards, wood from Barkham trees was sent to make the roof of Westminster Abbey. For many centuries, the manor house, in the moat by the church, was a secondary home of the well-known Bullock family. The local pub is named after them. They had inherited it from the family of William Neville, a 13th century valet to St. Thomas Cantilupe, the Bishop of Hereford and Chancellor of England, from whom the manor was originally purchased. Another prominent farming family, the Ball family, was that of George Washington's mother, Mary Ball Washington.

WILLIAM BALL (b: about 1450 in Barkham Manor, Barkahm Berkshire, England d: 1480 Barkham Manor, Barkham, Berkshire, Englane) was Lord of the Manor, as it stands today. It is a 17th century mansion house on 5 acres of grounds and adjoining land. The original building was enlarged in the 18th and 19th centuries when the Georgian and Victorian elements were added. It is listed Grade 2 building of special architectural or historic interest and is mentioned in Sir Nikolaus Peysner's 'Buildings of England.' The high brick wall of the property flanking Barkham road is a prominent feature of Barkham and dates from the early 19th century. It encloses the former kitchen garden and stable block. There was a Ball family at Barkham from 1480 to 1600. He married ELIZABETH CELETER (b: 1454 Barkham, Berkshire, England; d: 1474 Berkshire, England).

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